Friday, November 18, 2011


Seven minutes to opening at NAAG

In McAllen, Texas. I'm wearing my halo and wondering where the gallerist is. He took the key. I'm licked in. And the public is locked out. But the show looks great, I've got tunes, and I think this might be a wickedly hilarious performance piece if I'm in here and the audience is out there

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

410 North American Art Gallery

Cleaned and painted last night. Beginning the install of A World Building Primer now. It's a beautiful space.
I'm giving two presentations on EbM in the South Texas College gallery tomorrow. Just a little nervous. Originally wrote a lecture on the co-evolution of art making and consciousness in early humans. But switched things up at the last minutes.
Now it's an hour talking about EbM.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prepping the next World Building Primer

Our 410 North American Art Gallery show in McAllen, Texas has arrived. As have I. Hanging out with artists David McCall Freeman and Chad Farris.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


The Bledsoe diorama

We're creating a library of 12" x 16" dioramas, one for each site. It will take a couple generations, but we intend to create an HO (1:87.1) scale model of the entire planet earth. When all of the diorama sections are assembled we will have an HO scale earth. Which we are considering putting in orbit around the moon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A picnic in Bledsoe, TX,, a reception in Slaton, TX, and speculation in New Mexico


Here are links to several sets of photos from the past two days:

And here are links to our ISEA2012 sites in Moriarty, NM

and Los Lunas, NM

Sunday, October 2, 2011

EbM in the Slatonite!

We're delighted to be a part of the local Slaton news. Hopefully we will have a chance to chat with folks on Saturday night about the upcoming 02012 install.

An hour to opening in slaton

WaterSpace South, Slaton, Texas

WaterSpace North, Ro's piece

Our friend Ro, built this beautiful piece for the sister show down the street

Jon & Danielle

Jon and Danielle Whitfill admiring the show. We've had a surprising number of guests. Compared to what we were told to expect anyway...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last minute touches

Signs about signs. Oh heck I <3 art

The sign. At the sign!

EbM's good friend Matt Weaver admiring the ceramic interpretive sign at Site 0001: Bledsoe, Texas.

Matt and Carson are out installing the sign this morning. Alex and I are finishing the install for tonight's opening at WaterSpace South in Slaton. We are introducing the town to the work of Scott Oliver, the artist we commissioned for WaterSpace Plaza. As well as documentation, we are presenting his proposal for the plaza.
We are also introducing EbM to the town with a smattering of member's works and documentation from previous installs.


Morning world

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sadly, doing it all over again

Some trips absolutely nothing goes your way. But still you persevere, operate power tools on sleep deprivation, argue vehemently, reschedule, and improvise.


I love the smell of sparking metal

Foundations, Make it rain!

Jon cutting down the backing for the sign

Carson cutting the backing

The sign for Welcome

Our sexy ceramic informational sign for Welcome. We're installing this onsite in Bledsoe tomorrow. Then racing back for a six o'clock opening in Slaton. Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Installing at midnight

We arrived in Slaton, TX about an hour ago. We're staying at this amazing gallery/studio, WaterSpace. We're laying out A World Building Primer, the EbM traveling show.

For this presentation we're dedicating one window to the work of the artist commissioned for Slaton, Scott Oliver.
The other window is EbM documentation.
Behling that window are a handful of works by the members of EbM.

Surveying our 2 acres outside Moriarty

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wall to wall carpet outside Los Lunas

Torrance county assessor's office

Finding out who owns the plots around ours in Moriarty

New mexico has incredible state graphic design

Every county office we've visited has beautiful design. Look at this logo. And Valencia county's logo was phenom, too.
We're having great luck with the local clerks, good affordable maps, nice people.

Road warriors

The 12v charger in black is recharging my phone w a USB, and two AA batteries in a universal charger with transformer-style adaptor for all the world's electrical outlets. And that little stereo is my wicked portable stereo with mp3 player so cars without ⅛" inputs (I carry an ⅛" male to male everywhere for emergencies.)

The road to our isolated site outside Los Lunas NM

I'll post pix on Flickr tonight of the actual site

EbM in the Valencia county courthouse

We're learning about the Los Lunas site. Victor in the gis office is awesome. He gave us some handouts on the scam that created this property. And the continuing scams and lawlessness of the Rio del Oro.

On the way to our Los Lunas site

At the Red Ball Cafe in ABQ, on our way to the EbM site in Los Lunas site New Mexico.

Last night we had a fabulous visit with Erin and Nancy of PLAND, a New Mexico residency and art experiment. They are fabulous. And PLAND is ridiculously inspiring.

A busy day today. We're documenting the Los Lunas site, visiting the Valencia county records office to gather info on the site, visiting the Torrance county records office for info on the Moriarty site, visiting the Moriarty site again, and visiting our neighbors out there: the Rockin' RC ranch and Club 203. Diverse.
Then this evening we're dining with the directors of ISEA2012.
Could we be luckier?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

3 screaming kids

The reception for Jon's work went very well. We followed it up with Chicago style pizza. Then the wrangling of youth. Jon & Danielle's three young'uns and Stel & Angela's youngest. Three youngest saying goodbye with post-midnight yowls. Emma, the Whitfill's oldest was the exception -- very calm, reasonable, and pleasant.
All great kids. A great week had by all. And two new sculptures for the transformation of planet earth.

We had a wonderful opening

But I was so tired, and busy schmoozing of course, I forgot to take any photos

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A slew of pix

Visit for a slew of photos from #EbM site 002, Evanston IL with Jonathan Whitfill.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jon and Libby contemplate the art

Whitfill family picnic


"Switch" in situ at Creative Coworking, 922 Davis Evanston IL. Both of Jonathan Whitfill's pieces for Site 002 are installed.
There will be an opening for them, and a small show featuring a few works by EbM members, this Friday, July 15 from 1500 to 1800.
Jon will be on hand, along with EbMities Lee Pembleton and Libby Reed.

Breakfast of beer

"Switch" install

Jonathan Whitfill installing the second sculpture, "Switch", of his diptych.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What we're seeing in Evanston

Nothing. Because a big storm this morning knocked the power out. Weirdly, the house here had power all day. The storm ended at 07:00. Our side of the street lost power at 19:00.
Anyway, we're enjoying candles, my battery powered boombox, difficult children, and a little chit chat.

"Switch" delivered

Jonathan Whitfill's second sculpture of his diptych, Switch, was dropped off at Creative Coworking. We'll install it tomorrow morning.
Stel & Jon can be seen here picking up hardware.

Art with wall text

Jonathan Whitfill's "Keystone"

Jon's bookwheel, Keystone, is installed in Evanston, IL.
The alley behind 1823 Grant St. I'll Google map it later.
It's beautiful.
Site 002.1