Friday, September 30, 2011

Sadly, doing it all over again

Some trips absolutely nothing goes your way. But still you persevere, operate power tools on sleep deprivation, argue vehemently, reschedule, and improvise.


I love the smell of sparking metal

Foundations, Make it rain!

Jon cutting down the backing for the sign

Carson cutting the backing

The sign for Welcome

Our sexy ceramic informational sign for Welcome. We're installing this onsite in Bledsoe tomorrow. Then racing back for a six o'clock opening in Slaton. Woohoo!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Installing at midnight

We arrived in Slaton, TX about an hour ago. We're staying at this amazing gallery/studio, WaterSpace. We're laying out A World Building Primer, the EbM traveling show.

For this presentation we're dedicating one window to the work of the artist commissioned for Slaton, Scott Oliver.
The other window is EbM documentation.
Behling that window are a handful of works by the members of EbM.

Surveying our 2 acres outside Moriarty

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wall to wall carpet outside Los Lunas

Torrance county assessor's office

Finding out who owns the plots around ours in Moriarty

New mexico has incredible state graphic design

Every county office we've visited has beautiful design. Look at this logo. And Valencia county's logo was phenom, too.
We're having great luck with the local clerks, good affordable maps, nice people.

Road warriors

The 12v charger in black is recharging my phone w a USB, and two AA batteries in a universal charger with transformer-style adaptor for all the world's electrical outlets. And that little stereo is my wicked portable stereo with mp3 player so cars without ⅛" inputs (I carry an ⅛" male to male everywhere for emergencies.)

The road to our isolated site outside Los Lunas NM

I'll post pix on Flickr tonight of the actual site

EbM in the Valencia county courthouse

We're learning about the Los Lunas site. Victor in the gis office is awesome. He gave us some handouts on the scam that created this property. And the continuing scams and lawlessness of the Rio del Oro.

On the way to our Los Lunas site

At the Red Ball Cafe in ABQ, on our way to the EbM site in Los Lunas site New Mexico.

Last night we had a fabulous visit with Erin and Nancy of PLAND, a New Mexico residency and art experiment. They are fabulous. And PLAND is ridiculously inspiring.

A busy day today. We're documenting the Los Lunas site, visiting the Valencia county records office to gather info on the site, visiting the Torrance county records office for info on the Moriarty site, visiting the Moriarty site again, and visiting our neighbors out there: the Rockin' RC ranch and Club 203. Diverse.
Then this evening we're dining with the directors of ISEA2012.
Could we be luckier?

Monday, September 26, 2011