Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

an artwork by Heidi Hove
Installed in Bledsoe, Texas
Commissioned by Earthbound Moon
Site 001
Made possible by generous donations, and grants from the Danish Arts Council

Some pix from the install this weekend


Jon keeping the electric clean



Bledsoe, We Have Solar!

Photos, photos, photos!
Saturday Jon Whitfill and I went out to Bledsoe and installed the solar panel and electric. Sunday Matt Weaver and I went out to check the battery was charged, and then seal the sign up.
And at dusk last night, all on its lonesome, the Welcome sign came to life! Happy Happy Joy Joy!



Sunday, November 14, 2010

see that dot

In the middle of the picture? That's our sign from a little over a mile away. Taken with a phonecam. And wide angle no zoom. Trust me, in real life it was a beautiful rectangular inch of light floating above the horizon.
Success! Hooray!
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sunset and electric

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Matt Weaver helping finish the sign

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Matt Weaver, without whom this final stage could not have happened.

sunset from the sign

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

atv tire exchange

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hell yes it's cold in Lubbock

Today the solar goes in down at site 001: Bledsoe. But first I'm changing the tires on the ATV.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

the M-Team

Lee Buck, feral fashionista
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the M-Team

Alex "claws of justice, cause of art" Clausen
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The M-Team

aggravatin' amy, machete queen
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the M-Team

ol' sleepy murdach, cat wrangler, artifier,
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West Texas <3

The skies in west Texas are stunning. And the people here are as generous as the skies are wide. I am so overjoyed that ebm was launched here. We could not have picked a more supportive locale.
It is certain that I will miss someone but while sitting in the bar at the Lubbock airport, thanks are due to all of the following here in Texas (in no particular order), who made ours and Heidi's work possible :
Jon and Danielle Whitfill
Joe Arredondo
Chad Plunket
Mark Hilliard
Jim and Priscilla
Cleon and Patsy
Rick Dingus
Jorgelina Orfila
Chris Taylor
Sara Waters
Will Canning
Rider and art depot and Rider's dad
David Mondt
Upe and Carol Flueckiger
Paloma Lidzy
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Friday, September 17, 2010

diorama to the dumpster

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deinstall achieved

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a seasonal watering hole at our plainview site

2011 here we come!

the littlest ebmite

Jack was invaluable when we returned supplies to Jon Whitfill
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on the dirt road to our plainview site

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ebm and heidi hove at texas tech

we love Texas
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heidi lecturing at Texas tech

Heidi. and Alex lectured at Tech's art department to a fine crowd yesterday. We were the kickoff lecture for their year long. "landscape as knowledge" series. There was a lively q&a afterwards. It was a joy to be challenges on some of ebm's base assumptions, and on our self-presentation and language choices.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the post is raised, the sign goes up soon!

a phone pic from the desert forwarded through Fort MarketingGuy
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Monday, September 13, 2010

this morning in camp

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The first photos are finally making their way up to Flickr. Visit Vime's account to see them all (way too many, but we're using it as one of our backups.) Once we have a little time to serve the digital and marketing worlds we will curate them, and throw a chosen few on to the EbM flickr account. And up here.

I'd load some photos now, but we have very limited and very slow internet access, and blogger just can't handle pulling photos in by URL. Boo. I'm afraid you will have to make do with pix from my phone, which are generally dull since I'm only on site to make supply drops from Lubbock. Otherwise I'm hunkered down in Fort Purgaccountsatory, an interstitial space between abject venomous jealousy and profoundly sinful pride. Think Odysseus crossed with Othello. Yes, Picture me cloistered in Fort Othellsseus.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Amy in her Sunday come-to-meeting clothes

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Bledsoe ag depot

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The Bledsoe ag depot

run by Jim and Priscilla
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Art Depot aka Fort Charity, Hope & Faith

Playing on the computer? Duh, Muse's The Resistance. I may be an idealist and hopeless romantic with a heart of axonite, but my spirit will always be cotton candy rebellion
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Sunday morn @ Fort Blogeaucrat

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this is shepherd's pie Lubbock stylee

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Big E's bbq is across the street from Fort Apocalypslightlyoverbudget

it gives me delicious charred solace as the project bureaucrat
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the Lakshmi of tan lines

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Carson introduces Rusty Organ @ ebm fashion show

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Dr. Strangedesertlove

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Carson & Amy's late night drive

Last night Carson and Amy came into Lubbock for a few hours to shower and do laundry.
While here they picked up the sign post, shootin' wood, impotable water for concrete mixing, concrete sacks, and food supplies.
Here you can see Carson strapping down the 15' signpost for the trip. Chad Plunket welded the three sections together for us. Terry Mason made the post in sections for us to travel here. Again, ebm is impossible without amazing support from family and friends. It often feels to me like a lesson to renew and reinforce my faith in the kindness and generosity of human beings.
Hopefully Earthbound Moon will serve to inspire that faith in others, too, in the future. Then we will have truly accomplished something worthwhile.
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the view from Fort Purgatory

aka artist run gallery Art Depot, one of the many organizations supplying us with invaluable support. Truthfully, I don't think we could do this without the incredible material and moral support from the amazing artist community here in Lubbock. They are heroes.
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final concrete pour today

Amy's on her way in to Lubbock from Bledsoe soon. She's picking up the final load of concrete today. Given no more unforeseen misfortunes, we will have the sign base poured, with base plate and concrete anchor bolts in place by evening. Amy is also going out to the airport to, hopefully, pick up Ben's bag. Lubbock terminal Continental says they have it. But we've driven out there before after being told that, only to leave empty handed. Of course, with Heidi's bag, we were at the airport picking up Alex and Continental assured us the bag wasn't there when it was. lol
Sunday morning, overcast and cool. Beautiful day. Carson just texted me that the crew (Alex, Amy, Ben, Carson, Heidi) are having pancakes and eggs and coffee in the desert. I'm holding down our urban fort, Fort Finances, with coffee from the gas station down the street and Muse's Uprising blaring on my computer. All is Edenic and mythological. We're phenomenally lucky folk.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

while others toil in the desert

I have dragged Alex into the purgatory of project management for the morning
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Friday, September 10, 2010

I watched Alex herd a beetle!

He's a natural born insect cowboy!

Continental attemts to sabotage EbM. Bad airline! Bad!

We've no idea what Continental's excuse for losing both Heidi's and Ben's bags are. But David Mondt at TTU is an angel of patience and salvation. He resolved our issues with the payment and legality of Heidi's and our lecture. Now we're outfitting Ben w new desert kit. Then I'll race to Bledsoe and drop them off in the desert and race back to Lubbock to pick up the sign post from another of our Lubbock heroes, Jon Whitfill. And his angel of a wife, Danielle, who is putting up with being the EbM post office.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

we have achieved Heidi and Ben

I'm at the Lubbock airport. Heidi and Ben are here, too. soon we will embrace and head off to Lubbock for errands and then Bledsoe.
wait, you say, don't forget to visit the baggage carousel after meeting the artists.
don't worry my observant friends, their luggage was left in Frankfurt for no good reason we can divine. Punishment for not having proper visas? As if a night in the frankfurt airport weren't enough.
Nonetheless we are soon off to Bledsoe. Photos will follow!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In the News!

This morning the Texas Tech newspaper The Daily Toreador ran an article about the current installation. Click the image to read it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amy learns to ratchet

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We left the tarps in the desert

so we're using Amy's sleeping bag on this trip
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my new sun hat

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Tuesday September 7

I'm at Texas Tech for the day. I met with Joe Arredondo of the landmark arts program here, and we discussed the fee for Heidi's lecture. It looks like everything is worked out. Next I descend to the art departments basement to finish installing the diorama.
Carson and Amy are running errands and then off to the site to nail down camp. As always, Jon Whitfill was invaluable in getting us out there.
Heidi and Ben come in tonight. I'll pick them up at the airport and we'll stay at Art Depot, our Lubbock base tonight. Then out to Bledsoe tomorrow to begin installation. Woohoo!
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miscommunication about sunscreen

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