Monday, September 24, 2012

Segall on ice

DSC07516 by VIME
DSC07516, a photo by VIME on Flickr.

Salt, sun, and lamination

DSC07306 by VIME
DSC07306, a photo by VIME on Flickr.

In Valencia County, New Mexico, in the llano southeast of Los Lunas, there is a solar still with instructions for reclaiming water from the air, waiting for you, my friend

Jessica Segall on the big screen

DSC07517 by VIME
DSC07517, a photo by VIME on Flickr.

The pop-up drive-in, powered by a car, in the pitch black desert of Moriarty, NM, USA. On the right you can see the lights of cars on I-40, historic Route 66...
This was astounding!
Both our projects this year were truly stellar. It was an honor to be a part of Nova and Jessica's installs.

Goodbye Nova

Penultimate airport trip of EbM 02012.
In four hours Amy and I drop off our rental and board our respective flights.
Goodbye ISEA.
Albuquerque, we will return in a year with Scott Oliver and Travis Somerville to install permanent works in our desert retreats.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zomg! You missed the best film ever!

Jessica Segall's pop-up drive-in outside Moriarty, NM?
OMG! Brilliant barely describes it.
In the cooling desert outside Moriarty; in a field grazed by horses and cows; on a landscape riven with rattlesnakes, ants, beetles, and cacti, a copper screen chilled to freezing was coated in milk, taking on the appearance of an ice floe floating in the sky. Upon its surface flickered the sublime images of Jessica Segall in the arctic. Beautiful.

We have achieved pop up ice drive in

Artifacts from los lunas, build 1.0

Samael, the Don Taco food cart mascot

Nova says farewell to los lunas

Our last morning of water tastings

Morning at the rose house

Friday, September 21, 2012

Art a la' Video (ISEA)

Big outdoor screening by Friends of the Orphan Signs.

Best. Painting. Ever.

Deb's dine n drive

Lunch in new mexico

Sunlight focused to a boil

Separating salt from water.

In the distance note Scott Oliver, next year's EbM commissioned artist for a second work here in Los Lunas.

Clouds of glass and mist

Jamie seeding clouds of glass

With water harvested from the air and distilled by the sun

Cloud vessels reign in the desert

That's what the abq newspaper will say when writing about isea2012. Except no reporters have come out here yet.
Nonetheless, the first EbM project of 02012, Nova Jiang and Jamie O'shea's Cloud Vessels, is a huge success.

Thanks to all who made it possible, especially the brave folks who came out to our desert oasis!
Two mornings left to drink water distilled from the desert air of Valencia county, New Mexico. 10am Saturday and Sunday

Life is attracted to water

Cloud making

Yesterday Nova, Patrick, and I drove up to Santa Fe. The wonderful and amazing Patrick Morrissey of Prairie Dog Glass blew five cloud vessels of glass in his shop at Jackalope. Nova directed, and together they crafted a stunning solution to the problem of additive manufactured clouds being lost in the ether.
I'm in Santa Fe now picking up the finished cloud vessels. Woohoo!
In the desert yesterday, Jamie collected our first water with the solar still!
At ten am this morn we will begin serving water from clouds in the midst of the barren llano outside Los Lunas, New Mexico!

Prairie dog glass at jackalope

In Santa fe. Patrick is saving the day! Thanks Scott and Ellen!