Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HDTS 2013 & Earthbound Moon

We are super excited that Scott Oliver, installing in Rio Del Oro, New Mexico, is being included as part of High Desert Test Sites 2013 (HDTS 2013).  The week long event, running from October 12 -19, spans a the distance from the California Mojave Desert to Albuquerque.  There are 60 artists participating, with their projects and performances viewable during the event. You can see the long list of awesome artists and projects here:

HDTS 2013 is currently fundraising through USA Projects, an online fundraising tool specifically for artistic endeavors, for this fall's event.  They have reached their initial goal to fund the business end of HDTS 2013.  Their campaign runs for 11 more days and have generously promised to direct the rest of their funds over their initial amount to the 60 event artists, which includes Scott Oliver.

Please check out the HDTS 2013 page on USA Projects ( and donate if you can to help Scott Oliver and the other HDTS artists.