Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hoorah Illinois! Jon Whitfill install in Evanston, IL, July 2011


This past weekend, Earthbound Moon flew me and Jon Whitfill up to Evanston, IL to meet Stel and Angela Valavanis.
Jon is a wonderful artist, and was instrumental in introducing us to the arts community in Western Texas.
Stel and Angela are business owners and artists who have been actively supporting EbM from day one. I've known Stel since 1992, when we met at a Zeni Geva concert, before going on to play in bands and arts collaboratives together.
Stel and Angela offered us a lease on their yard in Evanston for an EbM install.
And after a successful weekend, I'm proud to announce that we will be back in July with a full crew and a diptych sculpture to install on two sites in Evanston.
We will also be hosting a show of works by EbM members; a visit from Jon's other collaborative The RJP Nomadic Gallery; and a few nights of video art at 23E Studios' Portable Morgellon. And maybe, just maybe, the premier of 23E's Temporary Knowmadic.
Holy mackerel, it's going to be an Earthbound Carnival!

And, as if that weren't enough, I'm finally finding time to work on the business plan and nonprofit paperwork with our brained member, Libby Reed. Hoorah!

Here's some of Stel's 1992 footage of Zeni Geva: