Monday, October 21, 2013

Good night, art

A couple hours after sunset with a full moon

Transient art for transient people

1/3 of a mile down Route 66 (aka I-40)

Hello, full moon

I sure hope they can see us in the ISS!

I suspect the next time you fly into the Sunport at ABQ

you will be able to see Rainbow Warrior

Dancing in the desert

Carson, Amy, and a spectral figure

The desert outside Morioarty, New Mexico

Late night in Moriarty

 We have achieved Rainbow Warrior outside Moriarty, New Mexico. Each night, every night, those driving down I-40, who happen to look north as they pass exit 203, may see one of the colors of the rainbow dancing in the sky over the high plains desert. Thank you Travis Somerville and Dan Dodt for a beautiful artwork

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Horizon by Scott Oliver

We have achieved guests at Rio del Oro

HDTS caravan visitors to EbM and new Horizon!

Horizon Day 7: Llano Stories & Desert Dumballs

Today marked the completion of A New Horizon and the event Llano Stories and Desert Dumballs.  

The event included a local geologist, musician, poets and residents sharing stories about the surrounding Rio Grand valley close to the Rio del Oro site.

Many thanks to the participants and Scott Oliver for making such a rich event around the newly created concrete letters.

Also, many thanks to the folks at the Tome Art Center for hosting the reception that followed Llano Stories.  To us involved with Earthbound Moon, feeling so welcome in a new community is what makes each site so worthwhile.  We hope to be back soon.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horizon Day 5: 5 Letters in 9 Hours

Finally all of the letters have been poured.  The marathon of pouring finished at 6pm today with the last batch if concrete mixed by hand.  Tomorrow will be the exciting removal of the forms.

Some images from today:

Someday soon

Earthbound Moon will need one of these

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Horizon Day 4: We Have 'H' & 'O'

After a long day of moving rock and sand, and finally pouring letters we have our first two letters complete!

Some photos from the day -->

Scott and Amy prepping the form with some good ol' vegetable shortening.

A partial 'H'

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Horizon Day 3: And now a lot of sifting...

The next step for Horizon is producing sifted sand and rocks for poiring the letters.  Many thanks to Ven for all his help today!  

Horizon Day 3: An Amy Oasis

Horizon Day 3: Let's hope this works!

Making our way to the site now fully stocked with water.  Off to pour concrete!

Horizon Day 3: Pouring!

Pouring the concrete footer for the Horizon letters has commenced.  56 bags of concrete trucked out and ready to be made into art.