Friday, September 30, 2016

Iceland: northern lights replace street lights in Reykjavik

Thank you Reykjavik, this is an inspiring act.
Chicago, in 02017 for the Leonids, I expect the same thoughtfulness. Better yet, we should take one night a month to black out the city and all look skyward...

Touchdown: Rosetta probe lands on comet 67P ending 12-year mission

A sequence of images captured by Rosetta during its descent to the surface of the comet

-- Its precise fate will never be known, because Rosetta is now switched off for good and there are no telescopes on Earth powerful enough to see it. “We won’t know, because we turn off when we touch the surface,” said Professor Mark McCaughrean, a senior science advisor at ESA. “This is space, anything can happen out there ... Rosetta and Philae were always intended to be site specific sculptures, communicating to any other life forms that come across them that we as a species are advanced enough to make art, to understand the theoretical and critical complexities of the readymade. Their scientific work is a lovely bonus inherent in their beauty as readymades for space.”