Monday, August 30, 2010

The Deadline Approaches!

Saturday started off a HUGELY busy weekend and upcoming week getting ready for Lee's and Carson's imminent departure on September 3. Most of our time was spent prepping and priming the sign box and faces. It's super exciting to see everything really taking shape. It's hard to believe that in less that 2 short week this sign will be shining bright in the wilds of west Texas.

The sign started to take on more of it's finished appearance when we started applying the fancy red paint. Also, with the help of our incredible electrician, Kenny, the electronics of the sign came to life. The solar works!!!

Also here's a sneak peek at the EbM world we're creating for display at Texas Tech -->

Lee is currently casting some magic spells and conjuring up spirits to make it look even more incredible than he already has. Who knew little worlds could be so exciting!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EbM Site 001 install - 17 days and counting

First off, thank you to everyone who helped out with Kickstarter. We didn't quite make it, but almost 2/3 of you discovered an alternative donation method - our little "Donate" button at nerdshop central online. You have no idea how much it means to us that you offer your support in this way.

Carson and I are 17 days (02010, September 3) from rolling out of the Bay Area in the truck of the world's most adorable yet frightening patron, Nightmare City's own Mrs Carruthers!
We will be loaded down with tents, sleeping bags, tools, a 6' x 2' x 2' steel sign, a bowel-squinching load of solar electricity supplies, 15' feet of steel tubing sign post, a 6' x 3' diorama, and his frightening collection of sci-fi audio books.
That evening we will pick up the mind-altering goodness of Amy Sampson.
The next day we hit PLAND to visit Nancy Zastudil, and then Bledsoe, Texas!
On Sept 6 we install our dioramatic exhibition in the cutest and teeniest gallery at Texas Tech!
On Sept 7th we pick up Heidi and Ben, flying in from Copenhagen.
Alex Clausen joins us on Sept 10.
Heidi (and briefly, EbM) lectures at TTU on Sept 16!

Woohoo! Can you say exciting! Yup, I'm simply squirming in my skin with gleeful anticipation, as if I were crawling inside with psychic pleasure maggots!

Here's the sign as of a couple days ago.

It was built by Terry Mason. We will soon install the solar powered bulbs and batteries. Then plexi behind the letters. Then red paint, just as our artist requested!
No seriously, I do need to use all these exclamation points because I am just that excited!

And here's the diorama in different states.

Oh, heavenly sexy wood and paint and grit. Most reading this will not live to see the world terraformed to our vision, but our wealthier followers, you will get to watch across the centuries as we transform Earth and human consciousness, the grandest work of art ever attempted!

Meanwhile, 2011 and 2012 are shaping up nicely. It looks like we'll have three to four installs each year, with one each year outside the U.S.