Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the news!

EbM is in the news!


The Mountain View Telegraph, specifically.
And the article was run in September, so more accurately, was in the news...

The Mountain View Telegraph is "a weekly newspaper serving communities in the East Mountain, Moriarty and the Estancia Valley." Lee Ross wrote this delightful article about our installation with Jessica Segall:

Call it an event, or an amateur film screening or performance art. Whatever it was, something decidedly strange happened in an empty field east of Moriarty on Sunday night.
A few years ago, a group of artists bought a piece of land north of Interstate 40. The land is just across the freeway from a topless bar for truckers and home to plenty of cattle, but there's not much else out there.
The artists collaborative, which is called Earthbound Moon, then set up a snack shop and a movie screen and showed a video of a woman wearing what appears to be a 17th century dress in the Arctic. The film was screened on a piece of frozen copper, according to Amy Sampson, one of Earthbound Moon's artists.
The film was made by artist and sculptor Jessica Segall.

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