Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holyoke, MA part 2

Well, I didn't buy a property yesterday. Perhaps I was overoptimistic in my post. Realtor Tim Murphy did show me a fair number of lots EbM may be able to purchase or lease, though. Today I am drifting through a list of potential sites on holyoke.org, and sending the lot info to Tim so he can check into the details of different properties. Maybe when I return this Winter, it will be to sign paperwork.

At 9:45am EST I am speaking with a landowner in Portsmouth NH about leasing some of his property for an upcoming installation. I expect to go out to Portsmouth (on the Hound!) on Saturday to meet him and look at the property.

The other big task for today is putting the finishing touches on our proposal for a grant from Southern Exposure. Cross your fingers for us.

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