Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mighty Cascadia


Yowza, since leaving Texas a couple weeks ago, EbM has been wandering the great American Northwest looking at sites and meeting folks.
But before we visit Cascadia, did I mention Jon and I got stuck in the Bledsonian desert for five hours? We were trying to offroad it to the site, but hit loose sand and spun out.


We got out just in time for me to catch my bus to Cascadia. 50 hours later, I met Carson in Tacoma, WA. We were there a few days. We met with a lawyer who is advising us on our 501(c)3 filing. He was great. I'm now working on that paperwork much more confidently. We will file for a business license in CA (or OR, if I move up here?) after the Bledsoe install in September. Then, hopefully, next year we'll file for our 501(c)3. We also met with an architect who has installed signs much like ours before. He gave us lots of helpful info on how to properly secure our sign in the desert sands!


We also met with the Tacoma Arts Commission. The folks there are wonderful. They have great visions for Tacoma. Their SpaceWorks project, installing works in abandoned store fronts, was particularly impressive. This type of project is being executed in a number of US cities (and probably internationally, as well.) But, overall, I liked the works in Tacoma far more than I liked the works in the SF variation from this year.
Beyond SpaceWorks (and several other large-scale art projects), the TAC is converting an old rail line into an art trail. We are beginning a proposal to participate in that project.
We discussed a second possible project with TAC, one I am particularly excited about. Unfortunately, I can't discuss it just yet. We need to put together a proposal and send it out before blathering about it all over the internets.

In a bizarre rout, and turn of events, Tacoma ended up being the first installation locale for EbM. We came across a Readymade we have claimed in the name of Earthbound Moon! My friends, I give you the 90 degree expressway curve.


As if the fact that this exists isn't enough, Carson and I had been discussing commissioning (and until financing materializes, creating models of) just such onramps and offramps to nowhere (inspired by Seattle's wonderful and bizarre expressways), moments before coming upon this most artistic site. I mean, talk about having no use value! Brilliant!

In Gig Harbor we visited the incredible Susan Joyce. <3

In Port Angeles we hung with Carson's brother, Clay, a park ranger, surfer and musician. Check out The Artichoke Project.

We also visited my new favorite sculpture garden, "Art Outside" in the Webster Wood's Art Park at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center.



This program is phenomenal. And the work is really excellent. Clay and Carson and I spent an hour or more wandering around the park, totally inspired! This is very much the model EbM is considering for the possible sculpture parks we're discussing for the future. (Is there enough hedging in that sentence for you!) And, the sort of sculpture park we envision EbM being, once the future has arrived and folks can zip from one of our locations to another via teleportation or jetpack or quantum-slippage or space folding or however we'll be traveling in 23 years or so.
The next morn we met with the PAFAC's director, Jake Seniuk.


Totally inspiring. He's an artist, curator and director. He shared his morning telling us about PAFAC and his time there. EbM will be making many more trips to the Olympic Peninsula, if only to visit with Jake.

We visited Port Townsend for a day. There a good friend of Carson's schooled us on self-sufficiency and solar power. He also coached us on yurt building.


In 2011 and 2012, EbM has a couple/few yurts to build. And now we are so ready! We got more excellent solar advice from Kurt at Solar Motive.


We also looked at potential sites for a 2011 install. Definitely not here, because, you know, how could you improve this:


In Olympia, we visited Winsor Fireform. This is where, if there are gods above (and they are not the ones I adore), we will get our information signs for EbM's sites made. Holy mackerel, people, this place brought tears of joy (and jealousy) to our eyes.

Then we rolled into Portland. From where I bring this exercise in how not to write a blog (infrequent updates with 1000s of words and too many pictures). More on EbM's adventures in PDX in a couple days!

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