Monday, August 30, 2010

The Deadline Approaches!

Saturday started off a HUGELY busy weekend and upcoming week getting ready for Lee's and Carson's imminent departure on September 3. Most of our time was spent prepping and priming the sign box and faces. It's super exciting to see everything really taking shape. It's hard to believe that in less that 2 short week this sign will be shining bright in the wilds of west Texas.

The sign started to take on more of it's finished appearance when we started applying the fancy red paint. Also, with the help of our incredible electrician, Kenny, the electronics of the sign came to life. The solar works!!!

Also here's a sneak peek at the EbM world we're creating for display at Texas Tech -->

Lee is currently casting some magic spells and conjuring up spirits to make it look even more incredible than he already has. Who knew little worlds could be so exciting!

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