Friday, April 1, 2011

Bookwheel in progress

Jon Whitfill's making spectacular progress on his bookwheel for Evanston. IL. Here are the first pics of the wheel coming together. This is half of a sculpture diptych that Jon is installing with us in the second week of July. The second sculpture is built around the pages removed from these books. We're completely chuffed to see this work coming together so quickly. The bookwheel is being installed on a piece of property leased to EbM by Stel and Angela Valavanis. The companion piece will be installed on the deck at their business, Creative Coworking.

July in Evanston should be quite the celebration for EbM. Jon will be in town for one week. He's bringing his wife and three kids. EbM will have at least three of our five members on hand. As well, as his two sculptures, it looks like Jon will be bringing his collaborative project, The RJP Nomadic Gallery, as well. The R and P (Ryder and Piotrs) of the title may be on hand with their families. We'll all (11+ people) be camping out at Stel and Angela's house.
EbM will also be bringing work by our individual members to share at a show in Creative Coworking. And somewhere in Evanston The Portable Morgellon will be installed to share films and videos by the 23E Studios family of artists.
So it's a big traveling Art Carnival. We hope to bring just as much energy and work to Slaton and Plainview in September, 2011, when we are in Texas with Carla Duarte and Scott Oliver.

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