Friday, January 13, 2017

For a year or more I have been wondering how EbM might turn these river plinths into the Chicago equivalent of the Fourth Plinth in London. That is a plinth in Trafalgar Square left barren originally due to a lack of funds. The other three plinths in the square have classic statuary. The fourth was vacant for 150 years (thanks Wikipedia) because of bureaucracy. For much of the past two decades, however, it has served as a public forum for contemporary sculpture. It is a lovely project. Now, with the High Line announcing the addition of a plinth intended for similar purposes, I am sharing my vision of these beautiful plinths as homes to temporary, contemporary sculpture in Chicago. Imagine our beautiful rivers alive with artworks!!
One of the many original aspects of Ours Is Not The Only Planet Earth Has Been was declaring these plinths near Ballroom Projects (and easily accessible) as guerilla fourth plinths. We had enough on our plates at the time, so that never actually manifested...
Another addition for our Fourth Archive, The Archive of Failure.

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