Tuesday, May 24, 2011

speculative world

(A carbon nanotube space elevator rises from Earth to a tethered moon. This Earthbound Moon is publicly owned space, open to all humanity. Its surface is a sculpture garden, where original works mingle with replicas of the works EbM has seeded across the planet Earth, her original moon, the surrounding planets, the sun, asteroids, comets, lagrange points, and extra-galactic vessels. Our businees plan calls for this second moon to be placed in orbit in 02032. In this image the tethered moon is an oversized, hugely oversized, Sputnik 1. One of the arms reaches down to Earth as a space elevator, the others counterweight the moon.)

One of the greatest challenges of EbM is explaining our vision, which is transgenerational, and rather grandiose. We are trying, after all, to terraform a populated planet. Finding a succinct and accurate way to explain in words what this means, and why we think it is a laudable goal, is difficult.
Supplementing words with images is a traditional and wonderful way to increase comprehension. To that end, all of the members of EbM are trying to spend time each week creating speculative images that share our vision of what our future might hold. These may be images of future sights, dream projects, or different visions of the final stages of a terraformed planet. These may be manipulated photos, or paintings, or collage, or video, or maybe soundworks. Or, in my case, a scentwork (I'll be introducing a new perfume in Evanston at the EbM show accompanying our installation of Jon Whitfill's new works.)
Some of us may spend a year on a single image (Carson, how's that three panel terraformed universe in lush oil paint coming along?) Others, like myself, will photoshop images.
Oh hey, here's one of those now:

This is a speculative work I created to try and share our vision of how the inherent meaning of a fence can be subverted in a public space. It is a vision of what an SF garden we were negotiating with might look like if an artist were to "knit" the fence. This speculative image hints at the beauty, poetry, and intellectual engagement a great artist can bring to a public work.
With luck we will regularly be able to share these visions of the world and universe as we imagine it.

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