Monday, May 23, 2011

TTU friend Chris Taylor's Land Arts class in the NY Times

One of the folks we've had the honor of meeting in Lubbock is Chris Taylor, who runs the Land Arts of the American West program at TTU. We've actually corresponded with Chris more than met him. He was on the road with his class the last couple times we were in Lubbock.
But, featured in this NY Times article, Chris describes much of the wonder and passion EbM feels for the SouthWest, and for a vision of a planet terraformed as a sculpture garden.

From the article:
Mr. Taylor describes it as a “semester abroad in our own backyard,” and said he planned it to try to be as agnostic about the definition of art as the vast landscape itself is. “I define art as anything people have done on the land,” he said, adding that the West is an ideal place for such an approach. (“Arid lands are unable to hold secrets,” Mr. Taylor once wrote.)

He added: “I think there are important lessons here that are more than just art history lessons. Not to take anything away from art history, but this is more broadly about how we’ve shaped the land, and how it has shaped us.”

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