Monday, September 13, 2010

this morning in camp

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The first photos are finally making their way up to Flickr. Visit Vime's account to see them all (way too many, but we're using it as one of our backups.) Once we have a little time to serve the digital and marketing worlds we will curate them, and throw a chosen few on to the EbM flickr account. And up here.

I'd load some photos now, but we have very limited and very slow internet access, and blogger just can't handle pulling photos in by URL. Boo. I'm afraid you will have to make do with pix from my phone, which are generally dull since I'm only on site to make supply drops from Lubbock. Otherwise I'm hunkered down in Fort Purgaccountsatory, an interstitial space between abject venomous jealousy and profoundly sinful pride. Think Odysseus crossed with Othello. Yes, Picture me cloistered in Fort Othellsseus.

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