Saturday, September 18, 2010

West Texas <3

The skies in west Texas are stunning. And the people here are as generous as the skies are wide. I am so overjoyed that ebm was launched here. We could not have picked a more supportive locale.
It is certain that I will miss someone but while sitting in the bar at the Lubbock airport, thanks are due to all of the following here in Texas (in no particular order), who made ours and Heidi's work possible :
Jon and Danielle Whitfill
Joe Arredondo
Chad Plunket
Mark Hilliard
Jim and Priscilla
Cleon and Patsy
Rick Dingus
Jorgelina Orfila
Chris Taylor
Sara Waters
Will Canning
Rider and art depot and Rider's dad
David Mondt
Upe and Carol Flueckiger
Paloma Lidzy
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