Sunday, September 12, 2010

final concrete pour today

Amy's on her way in to Lubbock from Bledsoe soon. She's picking up the final load of concrete today. Given no more unforeseen misfortunes, we will have the sign base poured, with base plate and concrete anchor bolts in place by evening. Amy is also going out to the airport to, hopefully, pick up Ben's bag. Lubbock terminal Continental says they have it. But we've driven out there before after being told that, only to leave empty handed. Of course, with Heidi's bag, we were at the airport picking up Alex and Continental assured us the bag wasn't there when it was. lol
Sunday morning, overcast and cool. Beautiful day. Carson just texted me that the crew (Alex, Amy, Ben, Carson, Heidi) are having pancakes and eggs and coffee in the desert. I'm holding down our urban fort, Fort Finances, with coffee from the gas station down the street and Muse's Uprising blaring on my computer. All is Edenic and mythological. We're phenomenally lucky folk.
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