Friday, September 3, 2010

cultural references from the road

paul Verhoeven, bill & ted, seventh seal, Marcel Duchamp, maximum overdrive, emilio estevez, stephen king, seven, the cell, Simpsons, baldessari, disembody, disembody's guest palm reader, douglas coupland, Jesus, jazz hands, tremors, dune, douglas adams, terry pratchett, zardoz, total recall, Chris burden, richard serra, louise bourgeois, jeff koons, aliens, Cicero, Michael jordan, Bollywood, m night shyamalan, Nikolai moderbacher, nightmare city, hippy goths, ebenezer Scrooge, materials & applications, topped w love's travel center & dinner at chili's in barstow.
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  1. Taxidermessiah, Moses, the flood, Yahweh, Jack Kerouac, Ernest Hemingway, Michael heizer, Robert Smithson, penny pinching machines, solar flares, isamu noguchi, Disney, agent Cooper, tehching sheih, repo man, Alex cox, straight to hell (and associated cultural references), little fluffy clouds, the orb, rickie lee jones, zombie cowboys, James turrel, arte povera, pulp, claes Oldenburg, schlocky capitalism v advanced capitalism, Chinese hegemony, Mario, chef boyardee, bombproof bathtubs, Indiana Jones, revelations, Raven, apocalypse, book of mormon, noma gallery, Christian marclay, pizzazzosexual, stairway to heaven, dune, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, albino flies, Batman's diamond toenails, Obama, serial killers, smartphone envy, journaling, scrapbooks, advanced tech chastity belts, Sikh long haul truckers, Marilyn manson, steampunk, cowboys, indians, James west, league of extraordinary gentlemen, king Lear, Hamlet, Baz luhrman, Kenneth branagh, coen bros, no country for old men, there Will be blood, babies, fetish, zentai, revolution,herpes, nightmare city, val kilmer, thunderheart, emilio estevez, rte 66, Richard Serra, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jack London, Henry Thoreau, sierra club, cabela's, Zeppelin tribute band, Amish, pilgrims, Mennonite, Neil gaiman, balloon museum, Michael Bolton, his majesty's dragon, beatler the beatnik hitler