Sunday, June 19, 2011

My cup runneth over

Bildudalur, Iceland

At least that is what I like to think. When it comes to cups we've got one member whose is full of poison. I balance her out with a cup that runneth over with ambrosia. Together, I suppose, we are a half full cup sitting on a table, awaiting interpretation.

I'll leave that to you.

The bad news, I spoke with the leaseholder in Plainvew, Texas today, and we will not be installing Carla Duarte's piece there this year. We are postponed until 2012, at the earliest.
Fires are ravaging the area. Fireworks displays for July 4 have been canceled in all the surrounding communities. Two farms adjacent to our install have already burned. The risk of flash fire while we are out in October is far too high. (And here's a worrying fire near the community of Whiteface. This one is just North of our Bledsoe site, I think...)

We will focus on Scott Oliver's piece in Slaton, Texas this October. And we will spend extra time working in Bledsoe, Texas. Perhaps a fully cleared road and walking path from Farm Road 769 are in the offing. Along with a beautiful fence. We'll see.
The good news, we met with Scott and his pieces are coming along beautifully. We are insanely excited about his project in WaterSpace Plaza.

The other good news is that we are pursuing sites in Oaxaca, Mexico; Hjortdal, Denmark; and Bildudalur, Iceland in 02013. We have confirmed a site and install in Chania, Greece with the artist Christy Matson that year. Now we are moving forward with these additional international sites for 02013. I have begun initial research on Greenland contacts, to try and find an iceberg soon to calve. We hope to commission SF artist for this dream.
We will be in Oaxaca for a residency next year, looking for the right parcel of land.

Casa Colonial, where we will residency...

Finally, a reminder to everyone, our two sites in New Mexico for next year, are in conjunction with ISEA2012, and have an open call!

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