Wednesday, June 1, 2011

an update on Heidi's latest project

EbM's inaugural artist, the ever-amazing Heidi Hove, posted photos from her latest project, Lokal Global Plan.

As always, she is an incredible inspiration to us. Here's a description of the exhibit, which she put together:

Ålekistevej is one of the places where Copenhagen melts into the suburbs and time seems to almost stand still. In May, Ålekistevej provides a stage for the exhibition Local Global Plan, which connects local and international artists with the area and the people who inhabit and frequent it.

Local Global Plan’s 13 artists will bring such various modes of expression to Ålekistevej as installation, performance, concept art, animation and participant-based projects. However, they all share a common interest in the local community, urban space, social relations and exchange, belonging and identity. The exhibition invites the participation of local inhabitants, business owners, associations and visitors in the questioning of how to relate to ones local neighbourhood in a time where internet and TV tend to make the other side of the globe seem more present than your next door neighbour.

Local Global Plan wants to bring art to where life is lived – the ordinary life at a thoroughfare in the heterogeneous neighbourhood surrounding Ålekistevej in Vanløse where welfare recipients and CEOs live side by side. Here, you don’t see much of the urban renewal programmes that have made the Copenhagen boroughs so popular. But do urban renewal programs present the only way to a good local environment?

The exhibition offers free admission to all visitors. During the exhibition period, there will be guided tours and an event programme proposing concerts, movies and debates about social and committed urban practices: the relations between art and life, public and private spheres, social and constructed environments.

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