Wednesday, June 1, 2011

speculative world 2

One of our many speculative ideas for Earthbound Moon is to commission an artist to transform an iceberg. The first artist that came to mind for this difficult but not impossible task was painter Val Britton. Her work is deeply related to geography and contour; to the way we read and interpret land. For a large scale work engaging geologic time, environmental change, and impermanence she seemed the perfect choice.

I mocked this image up in early 02010 to give a grant organization an idea of what an iceberg transformed by Val might look like. Sadly, the $100,000 budget we proposed was a little high for the organization. No surprise, the award they were offering was $10,000, and not knowing me personally, they perhaps found my claim that I could raise the other $90,000 in a few months amidst a planetary economic collapse a bit, shall we say, rich?
Whatevs, Val is now working on sketches and mock-ups. And we are re-orienting our iceberg research from Antarctica (expensive) to Greenland (also expensive, but a little more manageable.) Fiscally, Greenland is doable for $10,000, we believe. So, 02013, here we come!

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