Friday, April 29, 2016

Intorducing Cathy Hannah, Heidi Hove (not really), and EN-CTE

Do you know Cathy Hannah?
Holy mackerel! That is crazy! Her zines and illustrations are so lovely and touching!
“Wait a second disembodied anonymous voice of EbM, how lovely and touching?” you ask.
Well, so much so that she is the first 2D artist we have commissioned to create an artwork for us. She is creating an 8 x 11” illustration which we will share with you in a few months. Exciting!

 (hey, that's me in that comic with Cathy!)

This alone would be big news, but this commission occurred the same evening that we received an email from Heidi Hove, the first artist EbM ever commissioned. Heidi just completed a residency in Brooklyn at the Stephen and George Laundry Line. She created this lovely piece for them. 

It was on display for a month. When it came down she offered it to EbM.
On this fortuitous night the EbM Permanent Collection was born.
And within hours our brain rust birthed its delicious twin the Earthbound Non-Contiguous Traveling Exhibition. What better way to mash-up EbM’s non-contiguous sculpture garden and our RIME museum exchange program than a non-contiguous traveling exhibition!
How does this newest monstrosity of an acronym, EN-CTE, work? Well, we are going to create a permanent collection of artworks. This collection will exist as a traveling exhibition, a non-contiguous traveling exhibition, however. Those showing the exhibition will receive one artwork at a time, or maybe just one ever, that is up to them. Imagine, if you will, a studio complex in DC, an arts center in London, a loft gallery in Oaxaca, a coffee shop in Minsk, a museum in Kinshasa, a container ship with an at-sea container museum, and the International Space Station all hosting a single exhibition, each with one or two heart-rending works of inspiring art.
It’s  coming soon...
My heart is all aflutter.

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