Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Personal Field Kit Impression Complete!

As we noted a couple of posts ago, we've been testing out the very handy and portable City Souvenirs Personal Field Kit, created by Nicole Seisler.  We'll be working with Nicole on our second ESP (Earthbound Special Projects) to deploy the travel kits at our existing installation sites across the United States.

Nicole created City Souvenirs as a way for the public to engage with their environment around them.  The growing library of imprints is a beautiful record of this exploration and they're pretty astonishing objects too!  You can read more and see more about city souvenirs here:  https://nysprojects.com/clay/city-souvenirs/

This past weekend Scott helped us take an imprint of a rivet and fencing of the first permanent bridge in Guerneville, California, that was build in 1922.  The field kit and impression now get sent back to Nicole for firing and becomes part of the souvenir library.

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