Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chris Burden Metropolis II

Urban Light is perhaps my favorite sculpture on earth.
When I was younger, Chris Burden was one of the only fine artists I liked. His transgressive performance pieces deeply, deeply inspired me. They were art I could understand. Maybe because they were self destructive. They expressed the rage and frustration I felt. Burden's later works, like Metropolis II and Urban Light, are almost 180° from those early performances. These contemporary works inspire me even more than his early pieces. He is an artist who set me on the course I am on. And now, as I am almost 180° from the angry young man I was, I find Chris Burden grew up with me. These two pieces, in particular, feel like celebrations of life, as well as gifts of beauty and curiosity. They are open and inviting, in a way I hope all EbM work is. Perhaps we matured together. Burden died earlier this year, his influence is still deeply felt.

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