Saturday, October 3, 2015

Trompe l'oeil

I think my first exposure to trompe l'oeil was in one of my mom's apartments. She painted one wall of the dining room/living room with a fantastic scene of an extended palace interior up a slight set of stairs. When you walked in her front door it made her small place look huge. She coordinated the decor in the house and the painting for even greater realism. It was a thrift store chic John Waters/Divine inspired palace interior, including an indoor pond with pink flamingos wading in it. Pretty cool.
Later in life she crafted many 3' x 5' trompe l'eoil paintings on masonite.
This photo is of a less spectacular trompe l'eoil, though still quite successful at misleading the eye, is from the lobby of the Norblad hotel/hostel in Astoria, Oregon.

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