Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10AM PST, should you be in the bay area...

I yanked this photo of Duane Deterville, on the right from the Hipster Sanctuary blog (edited by Robert J. Carmack, left.)
If you are in the bay area today, Duane is speaking at the California College of the Arts Visual and Critical Studies program's Wednesday forum.
10 AM at the SF campus, in the boardroom.
I was in VCS with Duane in 02007-02008. He is a true Renaissance man. He is a gifted photographer, musician, artist, writer, historian, critic, and cosmologist. He never failed to educate and inspire me in and outside of class.
He will be talking about his presentation, "Thompson’s Flash of the Spirit and The Afriscape Ghost Dance on Film," which he delivered last year at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans.
If you can skip out on the day job, you will not regret going to hear him speak.

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