Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Feeling of Being Watched

Late notice, but if you are in Chitown tonight, friend of the family, Assia Boundaoui, is sharing a sneak peek of her documentary, The Feeling of Being Watched. It is in Wicker Park at Taxim, starting around 6pm. Please join me there, if you can.

Most of you will not be able to make this, of course. You should know about this project, however.

Assia grew up in an Arab American neighborhood in Chicago that has been under government surveillance for decades. In her own words,

"In this film, we tell the story from the point of view of my community, and take you along our filmic journey as we investigate the FBI’s presence in Bridgeview. For the past three years we’ve filmed extensively in the Bridgeview neighborhood, now we’re ready to start filming with those on the other side of the lens — the government officials and agents connected to this story."

I have been to previous sneak peeks, and the footage, the story, is heart-rending.
I encourage everyone to check out their kickstarter and to support the film in any way you can.

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