Tuesday, September 22, 2015

But, Lee, what are you doing?

Oh, me? Other than looking at the sky?
I am going to be at the Edgewater Historical Society tonight. I love the EHS. Kelly and I are members. They are our local history museum. We don't technically live within the boundaries of historic Edgewater, but we live nearby and visit frequently. The EHS is a wonderful, small, non-profit, volunteer run museum dedicated to gathering and preserving the history of a few Chicago neighborhoods, hosting Chicago history events, and nurturing community in their vicinity.
Tonight they are hosting a lecture at the Edgewater branch of the Chicago Public Library: The Rise and Fall of Chicago Cable Cars. I am learnign a great deal of Chicago history for a project I am working on with a few friends, Aural Histories. More on that project later, perhaps.
If you are on the north side this evening, however, swing by the CPL at 6000 N Broadway and see Greg Borzo speak about his book Chicago Cable Cars, enlightening us to how they slipped into history.

Hey look! There's the Boston Store! The interwebs says this is Chicago, State and Madison circa 1900. Humans love going downtown!

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