Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Oh hai Internet, are u still here?

Well, what a delightful surprise! I thought you had already become an organically grown fetal mesh over the sense organs of my species! I mistook waking from a dream for wresting forth a new paradigm! Silly me.

Did you see these lovely clouds on Sunday? Oh my goodness, how will virtual reality ever compare to vital reality? It won't have to, I suppose, our consciousnesses won't have room for both, the memory of vital reality will dissipate like the traces of the ocean above us, rapidly replaced by far less subtle and far more garish images of "real" oceans above us, we will sing with the whales in the sky, and forget we ever knew wispy currents of moisture wending their way above us round and round the world, ephemeral, intangible, real but unreal, a dropletted haze up close, a pointillist ocean we pass through when we travel like the birds.
Or not, of course.

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