Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Excellent questions

This morning my wife asked me the excellent question, "Is it okay for you to blog so much personal stuff on the EbM blog?"

My thinking on this is, yes, until someone tells me to stop.

The Board of Directors can request I make this blog more professional. EbM, however, still isn't a professional collaborative. We are a not-for-profit corporation, but I don't think that means we need to are professional just yet.

This blog will be more personal than professional because that is the nature of EbM. We are a collaborative of individuals, and the blog reflects that.

We love this project, we love dreaming it and creating it. We love the time spent in each others' company trying to understand how to make Sculpture Park Earth happen. We love the artists and communities we meet working on it. We love sharing what we do as EbM through this blog. We don't do a lot that is EbM dedicated most days, though. Not installation-wise, anyhow.
Every single day, however, we do engage in activities that are deeply EbM-centric. I read voraciously, always saving articles that I feel are relevant to the project. I have been doing this for years and years. This blog will become, I hope, a place where I can begin sharing those archives with others, providing links or text alongside the reasons I was moved to keep the article. For people curious or excited about EbM this will, I hope, shine light on our motives and the larger ecology of the project. This may shine light on why we are investing so much time and money into what must seem from the outside like a deeply absurd and pointless project.

For instance, tonight's EHS sponsored Chicago Cable Car lecture is terribly relevant to EbM, as the EHS is one of the museums who have expressed an interest in RIME. Supporting their mission while learning more about the history of my current home is an incredible blessing of an evening.

I hope in the coming years to highlight events and happenings around the world that are relevant to EbM and our associated projects. I am also hoping to recruit a new blogger to share photos and words about the many parks, memorials, museums, and curiosities around America and the world. And I hope to encourage this site to be a place where members and friends of EbM can see what makes us curious, enthused, uncomfortable; what drives us.

For me, one of the great motivators in life is the ocean above us, for unlike the oceans covering our planet, I can look into that ocean nigh on all the time, filling my soul with wonder and awe. For that reason, you will see a lot of skies here.

Also, because I think awe and beauty are incredible motivators, and drive much of what I want EbM to be.

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