Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chicago Books to Women In Prison

Tonight I attended the Change In Action -- People & Prisons event sponsored by Chicago Books to Women In Prison.
My wife is on the board of directors for this small nonprofit. The stories told by women who have been in and out of the penal system brought tears to my eyes. The larger discussion of just how punitive and broken our justice system and penal system are is nigh on overwhelming. I strongly believe the people and the intentions are good in these systems. The systems, however, are deeply compromised and tortured.
I spend a lot of time dreaming of ways EbM and other projects might constructively engage with aggressive social change. Our mission is, of course, aggressive global change, social and physical. It is, however, also geologic change, our mission is molasses slow, intentionally.
For now, I share the above link, and encourage the handful of you who visit here to visit there, and perhaps make a donation, or find another way to give a little towards a better near-future.

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